Summer Academy

Our summer academy will take place on Monday – Thursday (2 days per age group) and will focus on learning the beautiful game through competitions in training and friendly matches each week. Each child will be coached by multiple coaches each focusing on a different aspect of soccer. This allows your child to learn different technical skills from all of the coaches and opens up their mind to be receptive to different coaching styles.

Each session will be 3 hours with conditioning and training exercises for passing, dribbling, shooting, and goalkeeping.

This is a small-sided focused academy (4v4 or 5v5 based on age group) with limited registration slots for each age group. We will limit our 2 age groups (U8-10 and U12-14) to 60 each. This is a first come, first served registration. This allows smaller teams and more one-on-one time with a licensed coach.

Registration is currently closed and will open again in May 2022.